Dear Colleagues,

We are honored to invite you to the 3rd International & 4th National Istanbul Midwifery Days Congress with the main theme "Midwifery for Sustainable Development Goals" which will be held at Biruni University on 02-04 April 2020.

Our Congress is organized in order to cooperate in strengthening the midwifery profession, to act together, to share information, to increase mutual interaction and communication, to serve scientific development and professional organization. In the congress organization, there are 26 hospitals, health care provider in Istanbul, 9 universities, Ministary of Health, Istanbul Health Directorate and 3 midwive non-profit organization (Turkish Midwives Association, Anatolian Midwives Association and Midwifery Research Association). The congress will include courses, conferences, panels, oral and poster presentations where experts, professionals and academicians will share their knowledge and experiences, discuss changes and innovations.

We think that the congress will be beneficial for creating a sharing environment with our colleagues in terms of science and drawing attention to the social importance and problems of the profession and wish it to be a successful congress.

We are waiting for your participation in our congress and present our respects.

Professor Sevim SAVASERProfessor Nezihe KIZILKAYA BEJI